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Bankruptcy and Debt Relief


Get Results and Relief From Your Debts

Our economy has dissolved, jobs are few and far between, and people have to survive any way they can. After a loss of a job, a disability, or other life circumstance, many people are unable to afford things they once could. Sometimes it's only a temporary lapse in payments, but all too often the bills pile up and there is no income to pay them off.


As daunting as it sounds now, filing bankruptcy can make you feel much better in the end.

Don't let the debt weigh you down. The stress of managing bills and being forced to pay one credit card with another can turn into a vicious cycle quickly, and with interest rates as high (or higher) than 32%, it can take a lifetime to pay them off. 

In many cases, bankruptcy can be the answer. 

Many people have questions about filing bankruptcy, and below you will find some of the most commonly asked questions:


Is Bankruptcy Right For You?

Many people have questions about whether or not to file a bankruptcy, or what type of bankruptcy relief is available to them. Bankruptcy is a powerful tool, but it can't help everybody with every debt.

There are also lots of myths and horror stories about bankruptcy that scare many people who are good candidates away.

Most of these stories came from people in past generations, or those who did not have a very good bankruptcy attorney. Please click below for a list of common Frequently Asked Questions about Bankruptcy and the bankruptcy process.


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Bankruptcy and debt relief cases we handle

When Losing Is Not An Option

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