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Philosophy of The Kemp Law Firm, P.L.L.C.


Trial Lawyers Fight For Their Clients' Rights and For Justice


At The Kemp Law Firm, we not only take all of our clients' cases seriously, we take the time to understand our clients' goals and objectives in each case. We also understand that calling ourselves "trial lawyers" opens us up to scrutiny.


What is a "Trial Lawyer?"


A trial lawyer is an attorney who is not afraid to take a case as far as it must go to get the best result for their client. We stand up for our clients in court, not afraid to go against the often more powerful and better funded Governments and Big Business. This Country's founding fathers understood the injustice that could result if a person was denied a fair trial. That is why the Sixth and Seventh Amendments to our Constitution were enacted. They preserve the right to a Jury Trial in criminal, and most civil cases. Trial lawyers are not the greedy people that certain groups make them out to be. We are not looking for money, but rather justice and the protection of our clients' rights.


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