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Each month we will be holding at least two seminars on various topics in the law. Click here, or on the link above to see the full list of dates, times, and topics we will be discussing.
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Practice Areas Overview

Our Areas of Practice Are Extensive

At The Kemp Law Firm, P.L.L.C., we handle a wide variety of cases dealing in many different areas of the law. These areas are interconnected and you need to know how to handle each case from multiple perspectives and angles in order to be successful. It is also through this experience in different fields of practice that we are best able to advise our clients of all of the options available.

Self-proclaimed "specialists" and "experts" do their clients a disservice by not looking at the bigger picture, and failing to advise them of all of the potential options. Much of this is discussed in our philosophy page where we tell you a little more about who we are, rather than what we do.

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Where do you start?

Common Questions

Many people do not know what to expect when they call a Law Firm. For years the most common way to get in touch with an attorney was to flip open the phone book, and call the first three firms advertising. But, you don't really know if the firm you are calling actually can handle your case, or if they even know how to solve your problem. Below are a list of common questions that will link you to the page that best fits your need. This is by no means an exhausive list of everything that we handle, but rather a list of the more common legal issues that we handle for our clients.