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As a future client, you are maybe wondering, "What can The Kemp Law Firm do
for me?".  The Kemp Law Firm has gotten results for our clients, and this is
evidenced in our case track record. Below find a list of the very cases that
we have won:


Criminal Defense:

Criminal Sexual Conduct, 1st Degree, 7 life counts: Not Guilty

Criminal Sexual Conduct, 1st Degree, 2 life counts, 2nd Degree, 1 count: Charges
Not Filed

Malicious Destruction of Property, Motor Vehicle: Dismissed

Possession with Intent to Distribute: Dismissed

Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree: CHARGES NOT FILED.

Domestic Violence: CHARGES DISMISSED (after their first Lawyer pled them guilty)

Felony Larceny from a Motor Vehicle: DISMISSED.

Felony Non-Support (failure to pay child support): DISMISSED.

Arson & Filing a False Insurance Claim/Police Report: CHARGES NOT FILED.  


Felonious Assault/Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Felony Firearm (A mandatory 2 year prison sentence): DISMISSED AFTER PRELIMINARY EXAM

...and other cases soon to come. Yours could be the next case that we
get dismissed and/or no charges filed against you.


Judgment in favor of Clients for $83,500.00, after Defendant fraudulently
filed bankruptcy in an attempt to walk out on his debt for failing to remodel
a home, and leaving their house without a roof in the cold Michigan winter.

Client was being evicted from his home by his sister so she could control all of their mother's assets, and take everything she wanted.  Our client had a written document signed by the mother stating he could live there until the house was sold.  The case was taken to trial where the sister was exposed as a bad landlord, and a worse sibling.  After only one day of trial, the sister's attorney offered to settle the matter leaving the client in the home until it is sold.

Wrongful Death/Car Accident: Settlement worth over $300,000.00


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